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Unveiling the Newsroom of Tomorrow

The media landscape in 2023 is undergoing a remarkable transformation driven by a fusion of technology, creativity, and innovation.

The decision to publish "The Newsroom of Tomorrow" reflects our ambition to summarise these processes and make predictions for the future. In doing so, we aim to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the future shape of media and invite you to join us on this exciting journey of exploration and anticipation.

From the digital corridors of Swedish Radio's audio-first strategy to the revolutionary Polygon platform at SPIEGEL Tech Lab, we want to showcase to you some of the most exciting tools, products, and technologies that are redefining the way journalists work and produce news. They all result from Autentika's conversations with media experts and practitioners and the relationships we have established with prominent European titles.

Let’s navigate this sea of media innovation together and chart a course towards a more informed and connected future.

What will you find in "The Newsroom of Tomorrow"?

Section 1: Technology innovations in media organizations

  • SPIEGEL Tech Lab, the innovation arm of the SPIEGEL group, introduces Polygon—a cloud-based CMS and delivery platform that streamlines content creation and delivery while exploring the integration of AI into journalism.

  • Swedish Radio, a pioneer in the media industry, is reimagining its editorial ecosystem. By unifying back-office systems and adopting an audio-first approach, they treat news clips like curated playlists, enabling rapid responses to breaking news and increased engagement through personalised experiences.

  • Wirtualna Polska, a leader in Polish media, is rewriting the playbook showing improved publishing workflow with raw numbers.

  • Kontinentalist, a Singapore-based data journalism company, developed an in-house CMS that facilitates collaborative data storytelling. Now, Kontinentalist is preparing to launch Lapis, a tool aimed at democratising data journalism by enabling real-time collaboration.

Section 2: AI enters the newsroom

Section 3: Newsroom Analytics

Finally, in the last section, Jowita Michalska predicts the future of journalism and the tools journalists will use, such as AR/VR.

Let "The Newsroom of Tomorrow" also be our commitment to stay at the forefront of technological innovation in the media industry. If you want to share your innovation or discuss digital transformation plans, contact us.


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